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Rebel without a Deal
or, How a 30-year-old filmmaker with $11,000 almost became a Hollywood player

Authored by Vincent Rocca
Commentaries by Kevin Smith
334 page book

Rebel without a Deal covers how a ninth grade dropout made his first movie in five days for $11,000, landed and lost a multi-million dollar deal with both Warner Bros. and National Lampoon, later reviving Warner Bros. to release the movie on DVD and gross over one million dollars as well as break IMDb's top 100 list.

Everything is covered from film school to the idea, writing it and financing it, the entire shoot, postproduction, film festivals, meeting Kevin Smith and suicidal depression. No subject is taboo. This is a real account of no-budget filmmaking, down to profit and loss statements.

New York Times-bestselling author and award winning screenwriter and director, Kevin Smith lends his take on Vince's Journey and relates his experience with Clerks.

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Kisses and Caroms
Rated R for sexual content including dialogue, nudity and language.

Feature Runtime: 81 minutes
DVD Runtime: 303 minutes
334 page book

Jen and Tara arrange a threesome to win Jen's ex-boyfriend back, but things don't go quite as planned. He still believes their relationship is best left as friends. Through the antics of offbeat characters at the billiard pro shop where they all work, he comes to realize Jen is his dream girl, but is it too late?

Nicole Rayburn (Playboy), Drew Wicks (Scrubs), Nikki Stanzione (Young and the Restless) and Adult film icon Ginger Lynn Allen (American Pie Band Camp) star in this offbeat comedy in the style of CLERKS.

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This film is not yet rated but will most likely receive an R rating.

Feature Length Script

A flat chested girl competes in a BIG breasted world.

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