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Tamar & Vince.

Select scenes I edited for WEtv's hit show about music producer Vince Herbert and his wife Grammy winner and show hostessTamar.

Braxton Family Values.

Select scenes I edited for a docusoap that follows the lives of Toni Braxton's family.

Hell's Kitchen.

Select scenes I edited for FOX's Hit cooking show starring Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Motion Graphics After Effects

Select graphics from various show logos and openers.

"Rebel without a What" effects showreel

I wore every hat on this video. The challenge was to pull it off as a complete solo project. Everything you see, every element you hear was done by me as a one man crew.
I shot it.
Effected it.
Cut it.
Mixed it.

Rebel without a Deal Book Trailer

I wrote this in an hour.
I lit the green screen and shot it in 1 take in under 2 hours.
I edited it in Final Cut.
Green screened and color corrected in After Effects.
Mixed final audio in Final Cut.
Post was under 3 days.
More information on the filmmaking book can be found at Rebel without a Deal.

Kisses and Caroms Trailer
In addition to my work on the movie, I also cut this trailer, which is inspired by the trailers for "Private Parts" and "Starsky and Hutch"

I shot the serene opening scenes near Wrightwood, CA.

The logo was animated with LogoMotion and rotoscoped in PhotoShop.

More Kisses And Caroms vids can be found here.

PovertyWorks Logo
I drew this Simpsons inspired self-portrait on copy paper, scanned it and animated it in After Effects. The final cut was in Premiere.

The tune was provided by Ron Meza of Oops Audio.

More Logo's can be found here.

Orphan Black Carpet
I shot this for OrangeTV in France and Buzzine Magazine.

More Movie Premiere vids can be found here.

Work I performed
- I did the fine edit
- Bulit the opening graphics in After Effects
- Created the closeing credits in AE
- Played the music on a midi
- Wrote and shot the Center of Balloon Control scene
- Sound design
- Obtained the high quality source footage