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Vince Rocca is a true entrepreneur, the latch key kid of a lower middle class salesman and an insurance agent, he mastered the art of risk taking and risk management at an early age.

At 14, Vince launched Body Rock Productions and was soon making upwards of $1000 a week spinning records at house parties and school dances.

At 16, he landed a job in swimming pool sales and with one of his commission checks he bought his first video camera. Two years he was managing the company's third largest store and bought an investment home. Shortly after that he bought his first video editing computer.

At 21, Vince opened his own retail store selling Billiard Tables, Pinballs and Jukeboxes to a prosperous economy.

At 25, it was time to pursue his passion for filmmaking so he started his own video production company.

Between running a successful retail store and a thriving video production company, Vince took film classes and hammered out the 92 page script that became the feature film Kisses and Caroms.

He produced Kisses and Caroms in 5 days on a budget of $11,000. It was later distributed by Warner Bros. where it went on to gross over $1 million dollars.

During the next few years Vince continued to study film at college where he never missed a day of school. He also authored two filmmaking books while maintaing a 4.0 GPA. He went on to receive certifications in technical directing and editing.

Vince has worked on numerous television shows including Judge Judy, Ricki Lake, Dr. Phil, and has edited Fox's Hell's Kitchen, WETV's Tamar & Vince and the Toni Braxton produced Braxton Family Values.

He currently resides in Southern California with his childhood sweetheart Deanna. They have been happily married for over 15 years. They are avid travelers and together they chronicle their adventures on a YouTube show called, Life Doesn't Suck.

My first apearance on Leno.

This is a one minute look into my life that I wrote and shot it for the reality TV show On The Lot.

This is a FOX news segment on my adult company.

In addition to Fox News, I've appeared on:

  • KLSX 97.1 FM Talk Ed Tyll's show
  • KLSX 97.1 FM Talk The Nastyman Show (several times)
  • Sirius Playboy Radio Ginger Lynn Christy Canyon Night Calls mp3
  • KAVS 97.7 FM
  • KAVL AM-610 The Flying Dutchman show
  • Comedy World Radio
  • KSEX Radio